Real Football

Although soccer is the most popular sport in the world, it often does not get the same respect in America as it does in other countries. Confusion about what America calls soccer and football is common (soccer is actually a British acronym for the Club Football Association from England). As soccer players, we also hear that soccer is not popular in America. In fact, America has more developmental soccer players and teams than any other country in the world. Soccer players frequently hear that soccer is for wimps and is not a sport for tough guys and is not real football or not a rough as American football. Our reply to this is...

In REAL football...
There are no timeouts,
There are no helmets,
There are no commercial breaks,
There are no halftime shows,
We actually use out feet to play
We do not stop play every six seconds
We are no covered head to toe in pads
We do not suck oxygen on the sidelines
We play more than one game a week
And have a real world championship
So if you can't handle that...
Go ahead and play that other game they call football
Kick on, dude!!!